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The automation of free ranging for chickens

We are a group of friends with many years of experience in leading international companies and projects. Our hobby is technology, technological development and the merging of the above mentioned with the present day world. We all run away to relax and spend our free time in nature.

The whole project started many years ago when during a collaboration we decided to create for ourselves a project for happiness and to automate our own small henhouse for a few chickens. Firstly we installed the automated opening of the doors, then the automation of feeders and drinking devices.

We enjoyed the work more and more and we decided to devote ourselves to the project much deeper then we originally thought we would. From this was born the project of a mobile automated henhouse which we dubbed HENROVER. The project, focusing on automation, the reporting, and economics of free-range poultry farming with emphasis on the living situation of poultry, local farming, long term sustainability, and ecology.





A modern henhouse with it’s own drive and automation

The main point of the project is to allow chickens a dignified life with free movement in nature and at the same time make sure that this sort of care is economically sustainable.

The chicken is a greedy creature and in large groups a chicken on one limited place will be the bringer of destruction to that property space. For this reason it is necessary to ensure continuous migration of the flock so that the space in question has the chance to regenerate on its own. The chickens, instead of causing devastation, can on the other hand ensure the loosening of soil and rid it of any pests and weeds.

Our mobile henhouse is equipped with its own electric drive and automotive dynamic balancing in terrain with which the henhouse won’t be limited to flat ground but will be able to also operate on an incline of 16st. Aside from the automated travel we have also automated the inside of the henhouse. The goal is to minimize human interaction and work in any given henhouse. The whole solution is built on an “off-grid” concept with emphasis on independent function without the use of heavy technology or the need for electricity.

The HENROVER Concept

Our whole solution to the care of chickens is combined from several regions which are all connected and form a uniquely functioning whole.


From the original small, stationary henhouse we have gotten to a mobile henhouse with a capacity for up to 700 laying hens. The henhouse is equipped with its own drive and technology for automated feeding, drinking, lighting, cleaning, ventilation etc.


We created and built our own electrical unit which manages offline and online management and the reporting of individual functioning elements of the care.

For example the automated opening/ closing of the doors in different paraments, light regimes, drinking devices, the automation of feeding, the sensors for managing air conditioning and comfort, the observation of the position of individual chickens, security against predators,…..


We programmed our own system for the control and automation of chicken care. We allow for access from a distance, the setting and control of individual parameters of chicken care.

We are preparing:

  • A database and collection of data
  • An analysis of data
  • Statistics
  • Suggestions for the improvement of elementary analysis


The addition of complex solutions in terms of automated chicken care via a key. Following report, service, and support for the owner/ operator.

Parts of the service:

  • specialized e-shop
  • legislative support
  • support regarding setting, and reports from chicken care


We collaborate in terms of creating and building of our prototype for the henhouse we are connected with partners:


Smart and flexible

  • Our goal is to support local producers of foodstuffs, and give them tools necessary for effective operations.
  • We are here to increase the awareness about the importance of regenerating agriculture in outdoor regions and in town centres.


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